How to Speak So That People Want To Listen

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Julian Treasure’s TED talk on speaking skills is the sixth most-viewed of all time – and now for the first time his in-depth teachings can be yours to keep! Get exclusive access to over 7 hours of video and audio material, along with dozens of PDF downloads, in this unique 9-module course.

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Julian Treasure is a sound and communication expert, author and international keynote speaker. Collectively his five TED talks and seven TEDx talks on various aspects of sound and communication have been viewed more than 90 million times; How To Speak So That People Want To Listen is in the top 10 TED talks of all time. His multiple award-winning 2018 book, How To Be Heard: Secrets for Powerful Speaking and Listening, is a practical guide to improving the vital personal communication skills of listening and speaking (both public and private). Julian’s previous book, Sound Business, is the seminal work on creating effective business sound. His audio branding company The Sound Agency works with major brands worldwide, proving that good sound is good business and pioneering the use of generative soundscapes in spaces like airports, shopping malls and offices.

Julian has been widely featured as a sound and communication expert in the world’s media, including TIME Magazine; The Economist; The Times; Oprah’s O Magazine and many international TV and radio stations and podcasts. He lives in Orkney, Scotland, with Jane and their daughter Holly.

Jane Majendie is a four-time world champion martial artist, personal trainer, yoga teacher, and fitness and wellbeing expert. She is the creator of The Majendie Method™, which draws from her many disciplines to deliver intelligent and empowering exercise programmes.

Jane is a qualified instructor in martial arts, pilates, yoga, and Callanetics, a masseuse and a Reiki Master. Through her teaching, Jane naturally began to combine elements from her many disciplines, creating tailored programmes that reconnect people with their bodies and deliver much more than traditional exercise.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to increase your authority and presence
  • How to improve your ability to influence others and communicate value
  • The latest speaking tools that inspire others to action
  • How to gain confidence and speak without fear of judgement
  • How to connect with people by building rapport
  • How to authentically express your whole self
  • How to be clear, concise and complete in all your communication
  • How to articulate your great ideas – and get them accepted
  • How to identify exactly what’s holding you back from making a difference, at home and at work
  • How to formulate and articulate your ideas with clarity and power
  • How to quickly spot what your audience wants to hear
  • How to get the attention you deserve
  • The secrets of powerful speaking, whether one to one or one to hundreds

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Are you tired of not being heard, or feeling like you don’t make a difference?

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